Types of Professional Consultants at GDI

The word “consulting” is the word used to describe what we do and “consultant” is the title used to describe our Team Members who actually perform consulting assignments. Unfortunately, these are very general words with many in our industry… and the butt of many jokes by those served by our industry!

If we analyze what we do at GDI Consulting & Training Company, we will discover that we really execute five quite different roles. These roles are depicted in in the table below, FIVE Consulting Roles Executed by GDI Consultants.

Different assignments require that we conduct ourselves in different ways. Some assignments require that we work directly with executives, helping to shape their thinking on particular issues. This form of consulting requires Executive Consultants with substantial intellectual horsepower coupled with the breadth of knowledge that only many years of experience can bring. Only our most senior professionals perform in this role.

Five Consulting Roles Executed by GDI Consultants

GDI Consultants in this role develop & nurture relationships with key decision makers & influencers at client project sites. Executive trust, presence, passion & innovation are critical characteristics of Consultants fulfilling this role. Substantial breadth & depth of experience is a prerequisite for executing the responsibilities of this role.

GDI Consultants in this role perform structured analysis, mobilization, project design & economic rationalization activities. When fulfilling this role, our Consultants will probably be using GDI methodologies to determine root causes of problems & designing useful & Practical solutions to those problems.

GDI Consultants in this role are responsible for guiding client teams through Implementation & Results Delivery (I&RD) projects, often times using proprietary GDI tools & methodologies. This role requires that the Guide provide “leadership from behind” to the client appointed Project Manager… while NOT taking responsibility for the client’s actions.

GDI Consultants in this role are responsible for developing training courseware, models, methodologies, digital documentaries, books, “Plain Wrap” processes & software tools for use on client related projects. When fulfilling this role, Consultants apply significant creative skills, focusing on creative tools that can be leveraged across assignments & client relationships.

GDI Consultants in this role are responsible to deliver expert opinion on specific issues presented by the client. These opinions are based on years of experience & fact-based study & are presented as a solution to a client’s specific need.

As Analysts, we become “fact-junkies” who drill down through an organization to discover root causes of problems and then build solutions to improve performance. Analysis is performed by a combination of specialists and breadth-oriented consultants who normally attack problems in a cross-functional team approach.

The role of Guide is probably the most misunderstood. To be a Guide is to walk in front of or side-by-side with the client. A Guide’s job is NOT to do the job for the client, but rather to provide the path, the motivation and the vision of the results. “Guiding” means leading from behind and leaving the success to the client. We cannot and should not, take responsibility for the client’s decision making. We are not executives and are certainly not employees of our clients’ companies. When executing the Guide role, we cannot force our will on the client’s staff. We must rely on our ability to persuade with facts. Ultimately, the client must make the decisions and run their own company.

Developers create solutions that require technical expertise to complete. Developing training materials, analytic methodologies, white papers, To-Be process flows, policies, procedures, work instructions and explanatory materials are a few of the results these professionals often develop.

The role of Expert is what many consultants carelessly think consulting is all about. An Expert at GDI Consulting & Training Company is a professional Team Member who clearly has specific knowledge that could lead to a specific solution to a problem at one of our clients. Everyone has expertise in something. The trick is to know what Team Members have irrefutable expertise in specific subjects and which ones only think they do. We commit to only allow expert consulting to be performed by known experts.

It is important in the world of professional consulting to understand the client’s consulting needs before an engagement begins. With a thorough understanding of the issues and client needs, GDI Consulting & Training Company can better staff an engagement with the right types of consultants. Whether it be a need for an analyst or an expert, GDI stands ready to match the right consulting talent to each engagement.