Type of Consulting at GDI

We believe strongly that consulting value is added in front of clients, not in consulting offices. It is this philosophy that leads us to think of client-facing resources as the major assets of the firm, with all other resources existing to support, or serve, these client-facing resources.

Today, GDI Consulting & Training Company is a firm with approximately seven full-time professionals and about as many subcontractors and alliance partners. Our Team Members live mostly in the west and spend nearly all of their time at client sites doing what consultants are supposed to do… providing high quality assistance to clients and helping to solve significant problems in a reasonable amount of time.

Other related businesses that share resources with GDI Consulting & Training Company include:

  • GDI Talent Acquisition Practice is a retain search firm that specializes in matching top talent with senior-level positions within the manufacturing & distribution industries. Our clients value our deep industry expertise, valuable insights, rigorous Candidate evaluation methodologies and commitment to the success of both clients and Candidates.
  • GDI Supplier Performance & Risk Assessment Practice performs out-sourced supplier assessments that benefit our clients. These assessments are executed to determine specific performance capabilities and to identify risks at the supplier that can accrue back to our client. These comprehensive assessments ALWAYS result in a rethinking of certain components of the supplier relationships, as well as rethinking of procurement terms and conditions relative to that relationship.
  • GDI Owner & Investor Services Practice assists manufacturing and distribution companies in three areas. Governance: we help companies establish, strengthen and reconfigure Boards of Directors. Operational Due-Diligence: execution of comprehensive operational analyses prior and post acquisition. Valuation Enhancement: we assist clients to understand precisely how to increase enterprise valuation.
  • The Manufacturing Executive Institute (MEI) is a professional training organization dedicated to improving the performance of manufacturing and distribution companies by presenting thoughtful and innovative programs. Through workshops, E-Learning programs and in-company training services, MEI seeks to introduce executives to innovative techniques for reducing costs, increasing quality and improving productivity… and ultimately increasing shareholder value.