Services Offered at GDI Consulting & Training Company

GDI Consulting & Training Company (GDI) provides practical solutions to complex business and managerial problems in manufacturing and related industries. Our firm has successfully assisted clients around the world for more than 30 years, having performed more than 150 projects in over 100 companies in 20 countries. GDI applies specialized and common sense solutions… not overly-intellectualized approaches… to numerous types of challenging client problems in manufacturing and distribution industries, including:

Streamlining domestic and global supply chain planning, control and execution processes; including significant competencies in ERP implementations, Just-In-Time (JIT) production processes, Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) systems, global procurement improvements, materials and inventory planning, sales forecasting, master production scheduling, logistics and Sales & Operations (S&OP) planning.

Cost management systems; including significant competencies in Activity Based Cost Accounting (ABCA) systems, Activity Based Leadership (ABL) processes, Predictive Cost Modelingsm (PCM), actual, standard and process cost accounting systems, cost reduction methodologies and gross margin enhancement innovations.

Efficient and effective factory and distribution systems designs; including production system development and implementation; facility design and consolidations; materials handling systems design; repurposing manufacturing and distribution facilities; integrated pull-production systems implementation and integral quality systems design and implementation.
Quality management systems design and implementations; including Statistical Process Control (SPC) in both short and long-run environments, in-process inspections, quality control streamlining and quality compliance management systems implementations.
Core business process re-engineering; including our proprietary multi-phased Integrative Transformationsm methodology as well as numerous process redesign tools, techniques and processes.

Supplier Performance & Risk Assessments; utilizing our proprietary Comprehensive Supplier Performance & Risk Assessment Instrumentsm. Clients engage us to perform detailed analysis of critical suppliers and provide recommendations relating to forward-looking terms and conditions that minimize client supply chain risks.

Information systems data integrity and reliability improvements; including our proprietary Cyclic Quality-of-Data Monitoring Systemsm and other techniques that focus on ERP systems integrity, enhanced financial reporting methods, and numerous methods for improving the quality of information used by management.
Enterprise performance metrics and compensation systems; including the development of enterprise valuation models, fundamental economic models; development of operational, functional and leadership performance metrics; construction of periodic performance appraisal systems; development of company-wide leveraged compensation systems; and development of leadership team bonus programs that connect the leaders’ performance to shareholder value enhancement.
Organization design and improvement; including organization structure improvements, strategy communication processes, work content design, accountability assessments and restructuring, behavior change management and reshaping enterprise and functional cultures.
Business strategy formulation; including significant experience in sales and distribution channel management, market and product analysis, distressed situations and turn-around assistance for businesses in crisis.