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GDI’s Education & Training Programs

Alan G. Dunn, our founder and President presents numerous executive education programs each year at the Center for Technology & Management Education (CTME) at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech); the Manufacturing Executive Institute (MEI) and at other education venues. These programs are targeted at the executive audience and are designed to present thought provoking ideas that can be rapidly implemented. Courses currently available through this venue (and in-company) include:

  • Executive Level Programs. These are educational offering we developed primarily for executive level individual. Programs include:
    • Business Process Innovation: Achieving Breakthrough Improvements in Core Business Processes
    • Manufacturing Cost Strategies for Sustainable Bottom Line Improvements
    • Activity Based Costing & Leadership: Strategies, Tactics & Tools for Accelerated Implementation
    • Rapid Prototyping & Agile Manufacturing: Using New Technologies to Slice Product Development Time In Half
    • Symphonic Manufacturingsm: A Comprehensive Manufacturing Enterprise Simulation
    • Business Performance Measurement: Aligning Strategy, Metrics & Compensation
    • Operational Due Diligence: Implementation Issues for Successful Mergers & Acquisitions
    • Building Shareholder Value In Today’s Market: A Framework For Linking Corporate Actions To Share Value
    • Building a Winning Global Commodity Sourcing Strategy: A Proactive Framework For Linking Suppliers To Our Factories
    • MRP II for Senior Management
    • 5S For Senior Management: How To Implement Sort, Shine, Set-In-Order, Standardize & Sustain In Your Factory
    • Supplier Process Engineer Fundamentals: How To Manage Suppliers Like Internal Work Centers
  • Functional Management Programs. GDI Consulting & Training Company has also developed many tactical education courses. Most of these programs were developed by our professionals to solve specific client training needs. Each program is based on real world experiences and not just academic principles. All programs can be delivered in-company. Titles of the training courses which past and current clients have given us permission to share include:
    • Implementing Statistical Process Control
    • Bills of Material Management:  Principles & Practices
    • Engineering Change Control:  Principles & Techniques
    • How to Hire a New Boss:  The Complete Out-Placement & Career Planning Program
    • Integrated Systems for Aerospace, Defense & Project Oriented Manufacturers
    • Inventory Cycle Counting:  Principles & Practices
    • Inventory Management:  Principles & Practices
    • Inventory Management for Aerospace, Defense & Project Oriented Manufacturers
    • Just-In-Time (JIT) Manufacturing Management:  A Complete Overview Course
    • 5-S Training For Manufacturing: An Implementer’s Approach
    • Manufacturing Business Management:  A Comprehensive MRP II Overview Course
    • Manufacturing Cost Strategies for Aerospace, Defense & Project Oriented Manufacturers
    • Master Production Scheduling (MPS):  Principles & Practices
    • Material Requirements Planning (MRP):  Principles & Practices
    • Practical Forecasting:  Methods & Techniques
    • Procurement Management:  A Workshop on Purchasing Principles for MRP II
    • Production Scheduling & Capacity Management
    • Project Management:  A “How-To” Approach for Planning & Implementing Projects
    • Successful New Product Introduction:  Principles & Techniques
    • Total Quality Control (TQC):  A Comprehensive Management Overview Course
    • Training Dynamics Workshop:  A Unique Train-the-Trainer Program
    • Warehouse Management:  Principles & Practices

All of these courses are available to be presented at a client’s facility exclusively for their executives and managers. Each program is also available in a shortened, rapid fire “Executive Briefing” format.