Need a Speaker?

Developing “intellectual capital” is a mandated activity of each and every professional at GDI Consulting & Training Company. This capital often results in new seminars and publications. In turn, these are frequently structured into compelling speeches.

GDI professionals have developed literally hundreds of speeches that address most of the significant issues encountered in manufacturing and distribution companies. A few of the most popular presentations and their associated abstracts are listed below. If you do not see a speech that will work in your venue, call us.

  • Agile Manufacturing. . . Looking at Manufacturing Processes From a Customers Viewpoint
  • How To Determine The Real Cost of Your Products
  • Why America is Losing Her Competitive Edge?  What Can Be Done To Stop This Trend?
  • Scheduling The Creative Mind. . . Capacity Planning & Control In The R & D Environment
  • Improving the Material Handling Process
  • Agile Distribution. . . How It Impacts Production & Inventory Control
  • Lead Time Volatility Index. . . A New Formula For Safety Stock Calculation
  • How To Achieve & Maintain Master File Data Integrity
  • Robots & Flexible Manufacturing Systems. . . A Primer
  • Utilization Driven Burden Rates. . . A New Concept In Cost Accounting
  • The Master Scheduler’s Job. . . How To Operate While Between a Rock & a Hard Place
  • Inventory Management. . . A Holistic View
  • Organizing To Implement An ERP Implementation System
  • SPC In a Nutshell
  • Simple Short Run SPC
  • Managing Your Internal Education & Training Programs
  • Forecasting To Stabilize The Master Production Schedule
  • Common Sense Forecasting Techniques You Can Implement Tomorrow
  • The Warehouse Employee’s Personal Report Card
  • Maintenance Requirements Planning . . . A Case Study
  • The Next Logical Step: Throughput Planning, Not Capacity Planning.  Where Do You Go After ERP?
  • Strategic Planning For Automation

Each of these presentations can be tailored to meet your specific needs. To learn more about these presentations, please contact us at

References From Training Program Participants

Executives who attend GDI Consulting & Training Company’s training programs often find themselves questioning the ways they have been running their operations. GDI Consulting & Training Company professionals are known to be dynamic presenters, thoughtful courseware designers and expert learning process facilitators who lead workshop participants through a variety of discovery processes.

Here are a few comments from past training program participants:

Instructor well prepared, knowledgeable and able to maintain interest.

Manager, Systems & Administrative Services, Southern California Edison Company

Excellent course… will provide a strong start for all levels in the industry.

Program Engineer, Hewlett Packard, Inc.

Thorough and well organized. Excellent… fast paced… a real attention getter!

Director of Advanced Systems, Avery International Corporation

It was very good… very detailed… excellent! … participation and syllabus were very good.

New Products Program Manager, Apple Computers, Inc.

Structure excellent! … level and relevance very significant… dynamic and well done… Alan was very well prepared.

Vice President & Assistant General Manager, Aerojet Electro Systems Company

The most useful part of this program was the quality of illustration used by Mr. Dunn. Every example was drawn from live case experiences which made the concepts very easy to apply to my own work challenges.

Assistant Controller, Associated Spring - Barnes Group
… simplicity of instruction, interaction among participants and with instructor was excellent. Top down approach and strong ideas were appreciated… pertinent information and teaching methods.
Group Controller, Mark IV Industries, Transportation Products Group
Very good… gave excellent ideas… complete… opened my eyes!
Vice President Manufacturing, Image Labs, Inc.
Great course… I’m a hard grader… this was definitely the best seminar I have ever been to!
Principle Engineer, Hewlett Packard, Inc. - Storage Products Division