GDI’s Founder

GDIs Founder Alan G. Dunn

Alan G. Dunn is currently President of GDI Consulting & Training Company and founder of the Manufacturing Executive Institute (MEI).  He is also the creator and lead-instructor of the 18-month Next Generation Global Supply Chain Leadership Development Program at the California Institute of Technology’s (Caltech) Center for Technology & Management Education (CTME), where he has taught since 1984. Mr. Dunn also serves on the University of California at Riverside’s (UCR) Advisory Board for Transformative Leadership in Disruptive Times.

Mr. Dunn specializes in supply chain management, strategic planning, manufacturing management, operations management, leadership development, cost management and business finance. He is curious and passionate about everything in the manufacturing and distribution industries. This curiosity and passion have led him to lead 6 significant supply chain research projects, author >70 published articles, create >15 significant consulting methodologies and develop >100 training courses for professionals in the manufacturing & distribution industries. It is Alan’s deep depth and deep breadth in the global supply chain body-of-knowledge that provides him with an ability to assemble and lead highly capable teams to solve problems thought to be unsolvable.

Previously, Mr. Dunn was a Vice President at Gemini Management Consulting (now Capgemini) and a Partner at Coopers & Lybrand (now PwC). In both positions, he led large technical manufacturing teams through innovative productivity enhancement projects. Mr. Dunn has participated in >188 significant manufacturing and distribution projects inside >118 companies. He has worked in 24 countries and across most manufacturing sectors.

Over his 40-year career in global supply chain consulting, Mr. Dunn has served on the Boards of Directors of numerous public, private and non-profit companies. He is the recipient of the National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD) prestigious “Director of the Year” award in 2007.

Alan is a career-long volunteer for the Association of Supply Chain Management (ASCM), having served as the President of the Orange County Chapter in 1984 and Chairman of ASCM in 2015. He was inducted into the “ASCM New England Supply Chain Conference Hall of Fame” in 2022. Mr. Dunn has spoken to nearly all the APICS/ASCM chapters and at the APICS/ASCM international Conference >20 times.

Mr. Dunn has a degree in business management from California State University, Fullerton where he occasionally lectures in the business school.