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GDI’s Talent Acquisition Practice

Leadership, management and technical staff requirements continually evolve, but the need for high-performing talent remains constant. Recruiting top-talent into any manufacturing or distribution company requires a rigorous methodology. It begins with a thorough understanding of the position and continues through a detailed vetting and structured evaluation process that determines each Candidate’s real abilities and real potential to succeed.

Using proven assessment and evaluation processes, GDI’s Talent Acquisition Practice specializes in matching the best Candidates with each position we are engaged to fill. We have 40+ years of relationships with high-performing manufacturing and distribution industry talent, giving us unparalleled capabilities to fill almost any management and technical position within these industries. Our clients value our deep industry expertise, valuable insights, rigorous Candidate evaluation methodologies and commitment to the success of both clients and Candidates.

A GDI Talent Acquisition Practice - Business Development Presentation

A GDI Talent Acquisition Practice - Business Development Presentation


A Totally Different Kind of Talent Acquisition Company

A Totally Different Kind of Talent Acquisition Company

We help you to improve the productivity, professionalism & risk oversight capabilities of your Board of Directors by: 

  • Disciplined, methodology-driven talent identification & acquisition process.
  • Proprietary processes backed by substantial research and developed from research-proven outcomes.
  • Proven talent acquisition methodologies, tools, and instruments.
  • The right mix of high-tech and high-touch approaches.
  • Exclusive focus on the manufacturing and distribution industries—it's our specialty!
  • Over 40 years of contacts within the manufacturing and distribution industries.
  • Extensive domain knowledge.
  • Rapid execution, without compromising on quality.

Why Us

What Makes GDI Retained Talent Acquisition Different?

  1. Research Based
    Our deep & thorough research in Candidate competencies & personal qualities.
  2. Knowledge
    Our 40-year, deep & broad manufacturing & distribution industries knowledge.
  3. Methodology
    Our robust talent acquisition methodology, including our Superior Talent Competency Modelsm & evaluation instruments.
  4. Contacts
    Our extensive contacts in the manufacturing & distribution industries, developed over 38 years.
  5. Seasoned Professionals
    Well-known consultant at the helm (Alan Dunn) supported by dedicated talent acquisition leaders & staff.
  6. Dignified
    The dignified way that we treat ALL Candidates, both during & after talent acquisition activities.
  7. Results
    The way we deliver to clients our Superior Talent Acquisition Reportsm & in most searches, more than one viable Candidate.
  8. Fast
    Our ability to complete difficult executive, managerial & technical searches in <100 days.

Talent Acquisition Services

GDI’s 6-Step Talent Acquisition Process

Step 1: Specify

Collaborate with client to create an in-depth job competency model that precisely describes the core job competencies & personal qualities a Candidate needs to possess to be successful in the position.

  • Client Job Description
  • Industry Research
  • GDI Superior Talent Competency Model℠
  • Client & Recruiter Collaboration
Step 2: Source

Identify & engage with the best prospective Candidates based on the collaboratively developed job competency model.

  • GDI’s Contacts
  • Client Provided Contacts
  • Social Media Sources
  • Job Board Sources
  • “Old Fashioned” Recruiting Research
  • GDI Candidate Screening Methodology℠
Step 3: Evaluate

Utilizing research-backed sequential interviewing instruments & reference mining processes, we evaluate & down-select Candidates until the best job Candidates remain.

Phase Interview / Assessment Modality
1 Lifestyle Compatibility Assessment Live, Online Video Interview
2a Job Competency Screening Self-Paced Online Assessment
2b Job Competency Interview Live, Online Video Interview
3 Communications Skills Assessment Case Study & Live, Online Video Interview
4a Behavioral Assessment Self-Paced Online Assessment
4b Organizational & Behavioral Interview Live, Online Video Interview
5 Social Interview In-Person Interview
6 Structured Client "Panelview" In-Person with Client Team Interview
Step 4: Profile

Going beyond interviewing & evaluating, fully profile the final Candidates & finalize the Candidate profile book. Review book contents with client.

  • GDI Background Check Instrument℠
  • GDI Reference Check Instrument℠
  • Credential Checking
  • Social Media Screening
Step 5: Engage

Working with client & Candidate, assist in the formal engagement & hiring processes. Includes assistance in developing a win-win compensation & position agreement between the Candidate & the company.

  • GDI Superior Talent Acquisition Report℠
  • Template - GDI Talent Engagement Agreement℠
  • Client & Candidate Negotiations Assistance
Step 6: Onboard

Accelerate the onboarding process, utilizing GDI’s unique onboarding & coaching processes.

  • Superior Talent Acquisition Report℠
  • GDI Superior Talent Competency Model℠
  • Client Provided Onboarding Information
  • GDI Fast-Start Onboarding Methodology℠

Ready to Transform Your Hiring Process?

Discover how our expert talent acquisition solutions can streamline your recruitment and bring exceptional talent to your team.

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Samples of Past Talent Acquisition Engagements

GDI’s Talent Acquisition Practice Finds the Right Talent the First Time.

Alternate Energy Development Company

Positions Filled:

  • Vice President, Global Manufacturing Operations
  • Vice President, Institutional Marketing
  • Vice President, Logistics & Installation
  • Senior Vice President, Investor Relations
  • Director, Global Sourcing
Consumer Packaged Foods Company

Positions Filled:

  • Vice President, Quality Management
  • Director, Consumer Marketing
  • Director, Cost Accounting
  • Plant Managers (3)
Consumer Electronics Company

Positions Filled:

  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Director, Logistics & Customer Service
  • Manager, Materials
  • Manager, Manufacturing Engineering
Commercial Bakery Company

Positions Filled:

  • Vice President, Human Resources
  • Director, Procurement
  • Manager, Technical Training
  • Manager, LEAN Manufacturing Implementation
Defense Products Manufacturing Company

Positions Filled:

  • Vice President, Operations
  • Director, Procurement
  • Director, Airborne Programs
  • Manager, LEAN Purchasing Systems
  • Manager, Accounting
Multi-Line Hardgoods Distribution Company

Positions Filled:

  • Director, Contract Manufacturing
  • Director, Asian Procurement
  • Director, 3rd Party Distributers (3PL)
  • Manager, Domestic Transportation Safety
Airplane Manufacturing Company

Positions Filled:

  • Vice President, Global Supply Chain
  • Director, Service Logistics
  • Manager, Global Sourcing
  • Manager, Supplier Negotiations & Contracts
  • Manager, Supplier Assurance
  • Manager, Supplier Process Engineering
  • Manager, Supplier Cost Analyses
Construction/Agriculture Equipment Manufacturer

Positions Filled:

  • Chief Financial Officer,
  • Director, Materials Planning Manager-Asia
  • Director, Materials Planning Manager-Latin America
  • Director, U.S. Spare Parts Distribution Centers
  • Senior Manager, Make/Buy Analyses