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About the Manufacturing Executive Institute (MEI)

How We Develop Relevant Education

How We Develop Relevant Education

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The Manufacturing Executive Institute (MEI) is a training and publishing organization dedicated to bringing relevant knowledge to individuals who are interested in making dramatic performance improvements in their manufacturing and distribution companies.

MEI delivers knowledge to these communities in THREE distinct ways:

Training Workshops: includes venue-based workshops, e-learning programs and hybrid training programs. All can be modified to speak to specific environments, and scheduled to minimize impact on business operations.

Publications: includes books, white-papers, archived e-learning programs & other information of interest to the manufacturing and distribution communities. Also includes access to the “MEI Bookstore” containing all of the most important manufacturing & distribution industry books for sale.

Manufacturing & Distribution Focused Research: MEI conducts and supports ongoing research to extend the body-of-knowledge in various manufacturing and distribution disciplines. These research projects result in valuable reports and presentations that are routinely shared with these communities.

Live Workshops

MEI regularly presents instructor-led workshops across the globe. These programs draw participants from manufacturing & distribution companies from all over the globe.

Recurring workshop series include:

These programs are designed to provide SPECIFIC and PRACTICAL techniques that focus participants on the mastery of management and technical skills that will lead to improved working capital results. Participants learn relevant and immediately useful skills at a reasonable price without losing valuable time from work.

Cost-of-Goods-Sold reductions, operating expense reductions, inventory reductions, accounts receivables collection improvements and supplier payment improvements are a few topic areas in this training series.

These programs are designed to provide SPECIFIC and PRACTICAL techniques that focus on how to balance supply and demand through improved forms of master production scheduling, sales forecasting and supply/demand reconciliations.

Forecasters, Master Production Schedulers, Sales Managers, Marketing Managers and operations management professionals will find knowledge from this series helpful as they work to manage customer demands and factory supply.

These programs are designed to provide hands-on training in the application of LEAN manufacturing, distribution and infrastructure improvement tools.

KanBan techniques, Kaizen methods, Value Stream Mapping, 5S methods, policy deployment, aligned performance metrics, standardized work, Poka-Yoke methods, work simplification techniques, Six Sigma, "Autonomation," SMED, Cost-of-Quality analysis, Taguchi methods and more are included in these programs.

Participants learn relevant and immediately useful skills that can be applied to waste elimination, process improvement and cost reduction initiatives.

These programs are designed to provide ongoing governance related topics of interest to members of private company Boards of Directors, Owners, Senior Executives and professionals who serve Boards of Directors.

Topics explored include risk management, Director selection, Board organization issues, committee structures, governance principles, Board reporting requirements, interface with management, Director duty-of-care obligations, Management compensation structure and oversight, individual Director conduct, shareholder reporting, Director compensation, Board transparency and Board of Directors conduct and ethical considerations.

Participants learn relevant and immediately useful information from the instructors and have ample opportunity to interact with other participants.

MEI and our skilled alliance partners, provide a full compliment of project management training. This training is offered in several formats including fundamentals, role-playing and project simulation formats. Each single and multi-day workshop is specifically designed to provide participants with the exact knowledge needed to successfully initiate, plan, organize, control and complete projects. Professionals who have attended one or more of our suite of “Project & Change Management Series” Workshops have learned everything needed to successfully execute both simple and complex projects.

Technical, organizational and behavioral impediments to successful and rapid deployment of project and human change management techniques are addressed in each of our programs so that participants can implement what they learn. Come to these workshops ready to learn techniques you can apply on the job the following week.

MEI offers a number of special live programs that are repeated one or more times each year. These programs are regularly updated and new programs are periodically added. Current programs include:

  • Implementing Activity Based Cost Accounting (ABCA) & Leadership – a complete implementation-focused 2-day program, complete with all tools, techniques, plans and templates necessary to implement and effectively use ABCA.
  • Supplier Process Engineering Fundamentals – a comprehensive 2-day program that describes, in detail, how the new Supplier Process Engineer performs his/her duties in a global supply chain world. This program is also offered in a “Virtual Classroom” format.
  • Building a Winning Global Sourcing Strategy – a thorough 2-day training program that teaches procurement professionals how to build processes for sourcing the right quality supply at the lowest total cost from anywhere in the world.
  • Designing & Implementing Global Business Strategies – a comprehensive 2-day overview course that teaches new global managers how to globally design product, manufacture product, source components and service customers in the global business world. This program is also offered in a “Virtual Classroom” format.
  • Implementing Business Process Innovations – a 2-day, exercise and case-study driven training program that challenges conventional thinking in all functions within a manufacturing company.
  • Implementing 5S In Your Factory – a 1.5 day program that presents tools, techniques and examples for the manager who plans to implement 5S techniques in a factory environment.
  • Implementing Operator-Driven Statistical Process Control (SPC) – a complete 2-day workshop that teaches operators and managers how to implement and use SPC to dramatically improve manufacturing quality with little additional assistance from the QA organization.
  • Symphonic ManufacturingTM – A Manufacturing Enterprise “Boot Camp” – a course like no other course you have ever attended. Participants produce actual products and redesign a physical factory over a 5 intense day period. Each day simulates a fiscal quarter and all improvements from day-to-day are valued. At the conclusion of each day, participants are informed of the change in shareholder value that resulted from the changes they implemented in their factory.

Workshop fees include all instructional materials, snack, lunch and a "Decompression Reception" at the end of the day. During summer months, we serve our "Manufacturing Tailgate Barbecue" lunch. Group discounts are available for the second and all subsequent registrants for the same program and from the same company.

On-Site Training

MEI can deliver any of these workshops on-site and in e-learning formats, saving your company substantial participant travel expenses when groups of employees require similar training. For more information about how you can engage MEI to conduct any course in these series on-site, and exclusively for your employees, please contact us at: (951) 587-2003

E-Learning Programs

Overview of FREE Live E-Learning Programs

Overview of FREE Live E-Learning Programs

MEI presents numerous LIVE, instructor-led 1-hour e-learning programs each month. Some of these programs are structured in an ongoing series format with similar topics presented each month. Others are periodically scheduled and address important topics requested by executives from manufacturing and distribution companies. All e-learning programs are produced and broadcast from our state-of-the-art webcast studio, “Radio MEI,” in Temecula, California.

Participants in MEI’s e-learning programs learn how to solve difficult manufacturing and distribution industry problems and learn how to implement solutions to perplexing issues... all from the comfort of their office or home computer! Currently, MEI presents FOUR series of FREE e-learning programs:

  1. Regularly Scheduled FREE “Global Supply Chain Improvement Series” E-Learning Programs – each month, usually on the 3rd Thursday, this series addresses one or more SPECIFIC issues facing SUPPLY CHAIN professionals in the manufacturing and distribution industries.
  2. Periodically Scheduled FREE “Global Manufacturing Enterprise Series” E-Learning Programs – each e-learning program in this series address one or more SPECIFIC issues facing global manufacturing companies; including topics in global production, global supply chain, global product development, global customer service, global logistics and global enterprise management.
  3. Periodically Scheduled FREE “BIG-Issues Series” E-Learning Programs – MEI periodically presents e-learning programs on big issues of the day, such as Cap & Trade issues, manufacturing industry regulation updates, etc.
  4. Periodically Scheduled FREE “Special Series” E-Learning Programs – each month, MEI conducts at least one “special” 60-minute live e-learning program on a topic that is suggested by past e-learning program participants.
Overview of Fee-Based E-Learning Programs

Overview of Fee-Based E-Learning Programs

Radio MEI

MEI develops and presents a number of fee-based, e-learning programs, These run the spectrum of short LIVE web-enabled sessions that that are limited to 25 interactive participants, to longer, multi-session programs that blend live and prerecorded sessions that simulate a “semester-like” learning environment. MEI also offers a web-enabled series of prerecorded sessions that focus on advanced and occasionally provocative subjects. All fee-based e-learning programs are produced in our state-of-the-art webcast studio, “Radio MEI,” located in Corona, California.

Currently, MEI produces and distributes FOUR different types of fee-based e-learning programs:

  1. Periodically Scheduled Interactive “Modem Chat Series” Workshops – these are LIVE and FULLY INTERACTIVE e-learning programs that allow instructors and participants to communicate in a virtual learning environment for up to 90 minutes.
  2. Periodically Scheduled Interactive “Virtual Classroom Series” Multi-Session Web-Enabled Workshops – MEI delivers multi-session training that addresses a substantial body of knowledge… all in an interactive web-enabled environment. These are truly “virtual classrooms” that can include up to 19 live AND prerecorded e-learning sessions per course offering.
  3. On-Demand “Beyond the Basics Series” of Web-Enabled Training Programs – these 30 to 45 minute “high production value” programs are prerecorded and available for viewing on and inexpensive subscription basis. Each contains advanced learning and in most programs, innovative and provocative ideas.
  4. On-Demand “Navigating the Global Supply Chain Series of Web-Enabled Training Programs – of These programs provide a serious AND humorous adjunct learning experience to the APICS certification body-of-knowledge. 10 to 20 minutes in length, these programs bring to the learning process some wisdom from long-serving industry, consulting and education professionals.

On-Site Training

MEI can also deliver any of the e-learning programs direct to your company. For more information about how you can engage MEI to conduct any program in these series exclusively for your employees, please contact us at: (951) 587-2003

MEI Resources

MEI provides many resources for manufacturing and distribution professionals. To take advantage of these downloads, you must first register with MEI. After registering, you can view and/or download any item in the following categories:

  • White Papers, Articles & Briefings
  • Archived E-Learning Programs
  • Templates, Tools & Instruments
  • “Kick-Start” Presentations

MEI Research

MEI performs and participates in certain research projects that enhance and advance the manufacturing and distribution body-of-knowledge. If your organization is interested in participating in a research project or needs assistance on an existing research project, please contact us.

MEI performs and participates in certain research projects that enhance and advance the manufacturing and distribution body-of-knowledge.

Past Research Projects

  • Make-to-Stock vs. Make-to-Order Safety Stock Simulation: What Variables Most Impact Safety Stock Levels? (Sponsored by GDI Consulting & Training Company)
  • The Impact of Industrial Robotics on Productivity in the Next Three Decades (Sponsored by ADI)
  • Best Practices for Aligned Performance Measurements for a Manufacturing Enterprise. (Jointly sponsored by GDI Consulting & Training Company & Idaho Asphalt Supply Company)
  • Techniques to Reduce Master File Data Input Errors in an ERP Environment (Co-sponsored by Ellison Prevention Mechanicals & ASK Software)
  • Factors Leading to High Levels of Employee Turnover in Supply Chain Organizations (Jointly sponsored by the Manufacturing Executive Institute & Fullerton Community College)
  • Implementation Choices When Implementing Activity Based Cost Accounting (Jointly sponsored by the Manufacturing Executive Institute the Cost Management Society).
  • Best Practice When Developing Advanced Blended Digital Learning Programs.

Current Research Projects

  • Best Techniques for Set-Up Reductions in Large Batch Discrete Chemical Processing (Jointly sponsored by the Manufacturing Executive Institute & Perigonne Chemicals, Ltd.)
  • Constraints on Work Center Capacities in Process-Flow Manufacturing Environments. (Sponsored by GDI Consulting & Training Company)
  • Best Practices for Calculating & Extending Cost of Quality Formulas Beyond the Manufacturing Floor (Co-sponsored by GDI Consulting & Training Company & Jerico Controls)

Future Research Projects (Not Yet Prioritized or Funded)

  • How To Build a “Management Simulator” that Rapidly Trains Teams of Executives to Successfully Operate a Manufacturing Company.
  • Best Practices for Education Technical Professional In “Corporate Economics”

Contact the Manufacturing Executive Institute at
(951) 587-2003
if you are interested in any of these projects or have some additional ideas for future research.